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Let’s Talk Fortnite & PUBG

Well this debate could go on forever, but without looking at the numbers we'll see which game is left standing

What’s going on everybody!!  Hope you’re having a great day.  Today I want to give my two cents on 2 big games in the battle royale genre. Chances are if you’re a gamer (or heck – anybody at all) you have heard of Fortnite Battle Royal and or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.  How did these games get to where they are today?  Why are they often compared?  Is one truly better than another? Without further adieu, let’s get into it.featured img

We’ll begin with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) since it is technically older than Fortnite. The release of PUBG wasn’t too shabby at all. Early access to Steam launched March 2017 and official launch was scheduled for September. In July, Brendan ‘Playerunknown’ Greene announced Bluehole would have to extend early access for a couple months but still aimed to officially release the game before the end of the year. This I believe was a smart move.  I cannot count how many times a designer or team has set a release date in stone and then delivered an unpolished, glitchy, buggy game. If you want to set a goal, by all means, you go ahead and do so, but make sure you know for a fact your game is as good as it can be before you release it to everyone.  And if you need more time to do so then I can live with that too.  This being said, I’m not saying the game was flawless by the time of its official release because it truly wasn’t but to extend the game’s deadline, in my opinion, was a smart move.pubgstealth

The game was fully released in December 2017 and had a massive following due to the thousands of players it racked up during early access.  Personally, I really like the game which is filled with great features such as character and weapon customization throughout a match, long-range combat, going into prone to sneak up on an enemy and other interesting little features that come along with a battle royal. As far as mechanics go, I believe the game’s physics in terms of movement and gunplay isn’t bad, running, crouching, crawling, swimming is all relatively realistic and the gunplay is impressive due to recoil effects and travel time.  Obviously, the game could use some bug fixes but then again, so could every game.

And then there was Fortnite which launched in September 2017. Unlike Bluehole and PUBG, the team behind Fortnite (Epic Games) was already a major game company well before the release of Fortnite.  They also own Unreal Engine (which by the way was used to make both PUBG and Fortnite) which was helpful when the Game practically exploded and became a worldwide smash hit. ft chaosOnly 2 weeks after its release the Game had well over 10 million players and it was free to play. Straight out of the gate Fortnite began to attract an audience of all ages partially due to the cartoonish appearance that made it “family friendly”. However, we can’t talk about Fortnite without talking about the media that helped it grow. Fortnite: Battle Royal became the most-viewed game on Twitch by March 2018 and with the help of players like Ninja inviting celebrities such as Drake and Travis Scott to hop in a game, the rest is history

AND NOW, the time you have all been waiting for; the comparison. I’ve heard and read many people say Fortnite copied PUBG but I disagree.  This statement couldn’t be any more false considering PUBG did not invent the Battle Royale genre, so if anything, you should expect to see more battle Royal games in the future. As for gameplay, these are two very different games played two very different ways. PUBG is more of a realistic, tactical shooter with elements of a battle royal and as you approach the end of the match, everything will come down to who is spotted first. pubg-vs-fortnite

Fortnite is chaotic and fast-paced from start to finish with little tactics involved.  You could rush anyone using materials and still have a good chance at killing them.  A lot of the gunfights that take place are close quarters using double pumps or tactical shotguns. Fortnites building materials allow you to decide the pace of a game when you’re in the top 5 and knowing where to build what is important. On the other hand, PUBG is a slower progressing game with more long-range gunfights and using the environment around you to your advantage is imperative contrary to Fortnite in which you make your own environment. Both games are third-person shooters and both are rightfully battle royal styled games.   They each have their own audiences and both are taking big steps on their mobile platforms. Overall, no game is better than another, they each have their own backgrounds and I don’t see either disappearing out of sight soon as long as regular patches are made to keep them interesting. If you like the theme of a battle royal I recommend trying out both and seeing which one is left standing. Personally, I’m a PUBG kinda guy cause I like strategy and tactical shooters, but Fortnite will always have a place on my PC.


  1. I think that you are totally wrong because Forntite is way better and you can’t check me in fortnite YUHEARD🤘🏾💉


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