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The Ghost of Sparta Returns

Kratos is back and better than ever with a brand new story, featuring a son, axe, and cool beard

What’s going on everybody!!  Hope you’re having a great day. It has officially been a week since the release of God of War 4 and I am PUMPED. This is probably one of my favorite series to date because of the fluent design. After the first 3 games, everyone was left wondering if Kratos was a Greek God in real life and this was because the story of Kratos was made easy to believe. It took real mythology, added to a fictional character, and intertwined the two.mimir.png Not gonna lie I had some concerns when I first heard the 4th installment would now be set in Norse mythology because Kratos was already so well developed into Greek myth, could the same process be delivered again? And the game exceeded expectations. We got a brief introduction to some of the Norse Gods such as Baldur and Freya and in terms of what the story of Kratos needed, that was fine. All this game needed to be was an introduction, and I thinks that’s what many people fail to see. The way you continue a series is to start something new and gradually build off of it. This game didn’t need Kratos bashing in the heads of every God in Norse mythology, it gave us a small taste of what Norse myth have to offer in order to set itself up or future games to come. In addition throughout the game, we also get small anecdotes relating to Kratos’ past, and it actually had a lot to do with the plot bringing us to the next subject.

THE GHOST OF SPARTA HAS A SON, this made the game even more interesting and not only added a new character but also another aspect to the persona of Kratos that being he is a father. This is rather unique because not many games put players into the shoes of a character who is a father, but with that comes problems of parenting and also self-discovery throughout the game. This is not the same Kratos from the previous God of Wars, Kratos is now more patient, rational, and wise; attributes of growing older and this changes how Kratos reacts in certain situations even though he is still trying to unravel himself unto his son. When Atreus is first told he is a God he doesn’t know how to respond… then asks if he can into an animal, which I guess makes sense because if I was him, I probably would’ve asked the same question. And then I found a video…

 and I had an idea. What if Atreus has some sort of power over animals that allows him to communicate with them as he spoke to the deer? We see from both this video and the game that Atreus hears voices in his head, not only from people but also animals.  Now these voices have been happening for some time because the video blatantly says he didn’t tell his mother and father about it and we know from the game that Atreus can speak decently in more than one language. We’ll just have to see in the next game.

Anyway, since this big reveal, the duo’s relationship opened up more and there was less conflict between the two and at the very end of the game Kratos even calls Atreus “son” and allowed him to carry his mother’s ashes, which I guess isn’t the best thing in the world, but its a step in the right direction. The supporting characters performed really well too, Brokk, Sindri, and Mimir provided a comical aspect to the plot, Baldur played the insane douchebag antagonist, and Freya turned out to be a formidable ally, until the very end of the game when she vowed revenge. Now the end of the game raised a lot of questions for me. The temple or whatever it was in Jotunheim where Kratos and Atreus go to spread Faye’s ashes is a little weird, huge Giants carved out of rock and a hidden mural. Somehow, some way Faye predicted the whole Journey of her son and Kratos up to their fight with Baldur and it is revealed that Baldur was somehow, someway, for whatever reason, tracking Faye the whole time not knowing she was ash. This is where the weirdest of the weird occurs, Atreus runs off but Kratos sees the last piece of the mural: The last image, hidden behind a curtain is Atreus kneeling holding a seemingly dead Kratos in his arms and if you look very close a snake coming out of Atreus’ mouth and going into Kratos.kratos dies WHY IS THIS IN THE GAME? Are you meaning to tell me that Kratos is going to die in the next game? Will Atreus kill his father? Why would Faye leave that image for the both of them? Why did Faye hide the fact that she was a giant from the both of them? Why isn’t Kratos phased by the picture that predicts his death, mind you all of the other events on the wall have been predicted correctly? Why did Faye want to name her son after the Norse God of mischief and trickery (Loki)? The end of this game raised a helluva lot more questions than answers and all I have to say about that is I’m excited for the next one. BUT WAIT, there was one more interesting character that made a surprise appearance in the very end of the game, that being Thor. He pretty much just showed up out of nowhere but he doesn’t look too friendly for obvious reasons, and I’m already getting excited for when we’ll see him again in the next God of War.

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