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Detroit: Story or Game?

Detroit: Become Human is becoming one of the largest titles of 2018. But is it a game at all? Today we'll take a look at how this "game" challenges the status quo

What’s going on everybody!!  Hope you’re having a great day. From the creators of Quantic Dream and Sony comes Detroit: Become Human, the game based on the decisions you make. Obviously, this game is more unique than others because we don’t really see telltale games being made by major companies often but I appreciate that Sony took the leap to do so, without further ado let’s get into it.


ALRIGHT, the game drops May 25th but there was a demo release that came out April 24th and the game looked pretty good. Graphics were extremely smooth and the story was compelling, short, and suspenseful. There will eventually be 3 playable characters, each with their own story in this (not so) next-gen world: Kara, Connor, and Markus. This game is rather original and unique in terms of what it brings to the table. The stories are not some make believe fantasies with dragons and knights but real issues that face us now in the world or we could eventually come into contact. Although I believe this makes the game interesting, it also welcomes both criticism and controversy at the same time. Domestic violence is an extremely sensitive topic and most likely tricky to handle when being put into a game.  In addition stories such as hostage situations are present in the game as seen in the demo, so I hope the designers don’t come under fire for the realism, etc. dbh2.jpg

Now I do have some serious concerns for the game on its possible success or failure.  A telltale game can only be as good as it’s underlying story, if for whatever reason players don’t find the story compelling and intriguing, then there is less likely of a chance they will replay the story after completion to find new outcomes  (which is a big part of this game). Quantic Dream wants you to play a story all the way through, then replay it to find different outcomes. In an interview with IGN, David Cage (the founder of Quantum Dream), stated the game is roughly 8-10 hours with “a lot of replayability value”.  This brings me to my main concern about the game: What happens when you have finished all of the stories and replayed as much as you wanted to replay… what happens then? In the same interview, David Cage also explained that once a character dies in a story, even though they are gone, the story simply continues without them and they are no longer a playable character.  new new

So you’re meaning to tell me that if I die, the story goes on, but I can’t play as the main character? I don’t know how players are gonna handle that, but I can say for myself, that thought doesn’t seem particularly exciting to me. But after all of those playable hours has the game lost its value? Unless a particular story was so good that it deserves to be played again, what am I now to do with the game? And I think this is the underlying problem with not only this game but telltale games in general. The way for games to stay relevant is for them to attract a large audience (which this game restricts because of mature themes) for a substantial amount of time.  I’m not sure how this game is going to accomplish the latter as of now. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this game will blow players away and make a fortune and next year people will still be talking about this game… I just think that’s a big if. Detroit: Become Human is a story, I’m not calling it a game, I’m calling it a tangible story. I hope it does well because it looks cool and I’m happy to see another telltale get into the market. Quantic Dream and David Cage have been known to play with fire before and this “game” does have potential to surpass its expectations, but without strong storylines, this telltale will be just another disk in the back of my closet.

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