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Didn’t See That Coming

What's crazy is that I said this exact thing would happen... then it did

So in yesterday’s post I stated Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will most likely have a battle Royal mode. GUESS WHAT WAS JUST ANNOUNCED TODAY, yes that’s right COD will have a battle royal mode under the name “Blackout”.cod42

This will take the place of a single player campaign and perform the same as other battle royals. As we know from recent games, you don’t particularly need a campaign if your multiplayer performs well enough and Activision seems to be switching things up this year. Black Ops will feature “3 pillars”: Blackout, Zombies, and your other standard multiplayer matches (team deathmatch, capture the flag, zone control, etc.) so are they attempting to enter a whole other market of games? My guess; Battle royal is going to be the most played mode and thus rival the market of other battle royal games. What does this mean? Activision is specifically targeting the players of Fortnite and PUBG sparking competition. COD4By this I mean good competition and games will go back and forth to see who can rack up the most battle royal players. To keep things interesting there will be 3 modes in zombies each with different stories and backgrounds, that sounds really cool. But don’t you worry all you campaign loving gamers, Activision says this is most likely only a one time thing and will be back next COD with an all new campaign mode. All in all, a whole lot of content has been released today and I believe there is more to come. Black Ops 4 is set to release October 12.

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