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To Battlefield V and beyond

I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a 5 or just "V"

Well I think we all saw this coming, Battlefield 5 has officially been confirmed by EA, but the announcement has been leaked for a while. Comedian and Actor Trevor Noah announced on twitter he will be hosting the live Battlefield live reveal on May 23. Here is what is interesting, so if you didn’t know Star Wars Battlefront 2 received a lot of hate because of their loot boxes. If you paid enough money you were able to get more and better items from the lootboxes making the game essentially pay to win. With Battlefield V, EA has thrown that out of the window and loot boxes will only give cosmetics which is better for everyone because now rich kids will actually be forced to play the game in order to get better at it.bv5last

But wait there’s more, speculation has it that there may be a battle royal mode (cue Fornite main menu music). So then I got an idea: guys, Fortnite is taking over the world. I’ll get into more detail about this in later posts but seriously, the battle royal theme/genre/ whatever you want to call it has exploded because of Fortnite. I’m not saying that Fortnite created the battle royale genre but let’s face facts; battle royal would not be where it is today without Fortnite, other companies (like oh I don’t know bv5rELECTRONIC ARTS) see this and want a piece of the action too, so they slide in a battle royal mode into their game. This is something they would not have done if battle royals (one in particular) weren’t so popular right now. For this reason I wouldn’t be surprised if the next action shooters of this year and probably two years to come feature a battle royal mode, and if somehow Black Ops 4 has a battle royal mode, you know exactly why: it’s just business. Now that being said as we see more battle royal modes and games enter the market, will Fortnite still be on top? (probably) Will it still be as popular? This is what I’m not so sure about because when people used to be playing fortnite, they will now be playing a new battle royal game. Then again I could be wrong about this whole hypothetical and you just wasted some time, in that case… my bad.

Well that was a major sidetrack. For the longest time EA has prided themselves on bringing a new experience to the table with each new Battlefield and this one looks to be the same way. We’ll see a new setting on “another frontline” whatever that means, “New modes” (I WONDER), gameplay changes, and more war stories. Of course huge bv5j.jpgmultiplayer battles will still be fantastic as always where anyone that dares get into a gunfight with me can catch this work, and “unmatched” visuals and sounds is also promised, so I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing those “unmatched” qualities (if it’s not better than God of War I may have an issue, now that was unmatched). If you want to see the rest of the notes I’ll leave a link to the page down below. I’m excited to say the least, I’ve always been a fan of the Battlefield games even if my KDR (Kill/Death ratio) wasn’t always looking bright, and I’m sure Trevor Noah is only going to make everything better at the live reveal. Stay tuned everybody we still have a lot more to go in 2018.

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