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Some more info on the E3 showdown

Alright alright alright. SO as I mentioned yesterday Fortnite is coming to E3, well it has been announced by Epic their “Celebrity Pro-Am” will feature celebrities and pros teaming up in duos tournament. The prize is set to be $3,000,000 (yes 6 zeroes) and will be given away to a charity of the winners choice. Just saying if I won and found out all the money was going to charity… I’m not sure how I would feel like I really can’t even keep $100. ANY WAY as mentioned we’ll have 50 pros and 50 celebs. I’m not sure how exactly they have made up the teams, but so far we have Ninja & Marshmello, Myth & Paul George, Pokimane & Desiigner, Markiplier & Joel Mchale, and Gotaga & Demetrious Johnson. Who do YOU think is going to win? Ahem ahem, Ninja all the way ahem ahem.  It will be livestreamed starting 3:30 PM PST on June 12 on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Mixer on Fortnites page. LET THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY BEGIN



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