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EA brought the heat and left the loot-boxes at home

Ladies and Gentlemen E3 IS UNDERWAY. Today was Electronic arts or EA and man was it awesome. There was a lot of information so I just recap over the big chunks.

Battlefield V looked promising with their multiplayer preview, we also learned a lot of new information about the game. First and foremost I think it’s cool that you’ll be able to customize your character, guns, and vehicles. I look specifically for customization in games because I like that your character and other things can be personalized and no 2 people can be exactly the same (well I mean they can but… you know what I mean). In addition, houses and landscape will be destructible bringing more realism to the game and environment. ALSO NO MORE LOOT BOXES, I guess they learned from Battlefront if ya know what I mean. They also added in a “royale reimagined” for Battlefield… honestly no surprise. And there will be more information to come later this year but for right now, that’s a wrap.

On to Battlefront 2. We’re being presented with a new squad system, a new command-post capture mode, new starfighter mode, even more, heroes such as Anakin and Obi-Wan as well as maps… and that’s really about it… ON TO THE NEXT.

ANTHEM my personal favorite. They seemed largely focused on the campaign which is good news because I like a game that can show off a beautiful world with a good story, they also said they’ll have new content “years to come” not sure how but sounds good to me. There are also no loot boxes… smart. The official release is set for February 22, 2019.

And that’s pretty much about it, again there was more I just covered the big chunks of gaming goodness, but E3 is just getting underway and we have a lot more to go through. I know I missed the Microsoft conference but that will also be coming soon don’t worry.


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