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My Super Late E3 “recap”

Well this is late... BUT HERE IT IS

What’s going on everybody, well this post is extremely late. I had finals this past week and so I decided posting every day wasn’t the best thing to do but I’m finally done so I can get back to business. ANYWAY, you’ve probably already heard about everything that went down at E3 so instead of a recap I’m gonna do one massive crazy E3 rundown, which I guess is kinda the same thing. We’re gonna be jumping all over the place talking about what I thought are the most important and or coolest games. SO let’s get right into the action.

Master Chief is back or at least I’m pretty sure it’s master chief because we saw his helmet in the new Halo Infinite trailer, the game is set to be the series’ “greatest adventure yet”. Personally, I don’t think Halo, in general, receives the credit it deserves, but that’s another article for another day.mch.jpg

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice looks super cool, I’ve never heard or seen anything about this game before E3 but the trailer was awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a sucker for the stealth action genre so, in my opinion, any game that fits under that category is an amazing game. Which brings us to Ghost of Tsushima, The first time I saw the original trailer for this game was long before E3 and I had high hopes for the game. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a game set in feudal Japan and I’m interested to see how gameplay will transition from samurai to ninja in terms of abilities, moving around, attacks, etc. Then, of course, we have Assassins Creed which I will save for a later article because I do have a lot to say about the new “RPG”. The same goes for Anthem, Battlefield V, and The Last of Us Part II which I feel like deserve their own articles as well. Again I would just like to restate that Battle Royal and Fortnite are taking over the world and surprise surprise Battlefield has a battle royal mode whoop-de-do. As for Anthem I’m excited about the open world and environment you are cast into and how it will look so I’m definitely excited for that as well.

I’m a little on the fence about Shadow of the Tomb Raider in terms of how I think it’s gonna do, then again it’s being made by Square Enix… I’m not sure how to feel about that. As we get closer to August I’ll probably throw up an article for that as well. DYING LIGHT 2, guys two words: open world, and parkour. Yes I know that’s 3 words but you know what I mean. dying-light-2-preview-7Now I didn’t play the original Dying Light but considering the release date for the second is set for some time in 2019 I think I’ll have time to get in the first, what’s summer for anyway? Gears of War is BACK in Gears 5. The story is about our leading lady is Kait if you remember her from Gears of War 4 as she tries to make sense of her whacked out, super weird visions she’s been having. Gears of War has never let me down, I also think this game doesn’t receive as much credit as it deserves but again, that’s for a later article.gears.png

Cyberpunk 2077 through me for a bit of a curveball, I can’t say I’ve played a game quite like it before but from the gameplay trailer it seems interesting so I’ll definitely be keeping up to date with it as we have not yet received a concrete release date. We got some more information on Spiderman PS4, I thought it was smart that there is one “main” villain but we still have our classic adversaries in the sinister 6. If you watched the trailer you may have picked up that Miles Morales is also a character in the game. Miles is also starring in his own animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse which comes out around Christmas time this year. Well, folks, I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed other big games, again these are just my biggest takeaways. Let’s not even start with the Fornite celebrity pro-am we all knew ninja was going to win, he’s just too good. Anyway as mentioned before we have a lot more titles on the way and with that many more articles, so stay tuned my friends The Players Panel is on the move.

(That was corny wasn’t it… my bad)


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