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PUBG is Falling Fast

PUBG is dying.

What’s going on everybody I hope everyone is having a good day. In my very first blog post I discussed Fortnite and PUBG and at the very end I said that I personally was a “PUBG kind of guy”. I’ve thought a lot about the two games and by thought a lot I mean played a lot and I have to say I have had a change of heart, it’s not that I don’t like PUBG  anymore but it seems to me that Bluehole is literally killing itself off. Today I’m going to explain what I mean and why I believe PUBG is and has been for a while now, dying.

pubg 2.jpg

PUBG had way too many problems to be even pre-released when it was, you could barely even call it a finished game. It was extremely buggy and glitchy, but did people such as myself still play it? Yes. However, do a lot of the same glitches and bugs still occur today? Yes. I cannot tell you how many times I would be driving a vehicle, magically fall out, and lose a ton of health. Things like this and others are what kills your player base. When gamers complain and you don’t make the changes they want, they get annoyed. When gamers get annoyed they chat on forums, to their friends, to anyone willing to listen, and most importantly they stop playing your game because to them, developers don’t care enough to hear what they have to say. If you want people to play your game this is not the relationship you want to have with your target audience. If you want to add a new map, more weapons, more vehicles, etc. by all means go ahead, but the fundamentals of your game and how it plays is what makes it hard to have fun, not the content of the game.pubg456.jpg

And it only gets better, both PUBG and Fortnite run on the Unreal Engine owned by Epic Games. As you may know, PUBG sued Fortnite. Chang Han Kim, Bluehole’s vice president explained. “After listening to the growing feedback from our community and reviewing the gameplay for ourselves, we are concerned that Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known.” Allow me to restate what Bluehole has just said to the world: We care more about sabotaging our competition then improving our game. This is by far the most childish and absurd thing I’ve ever heard. Surprise, surprise both of your games are battle royales and as a result of that, most “experiences” will probably be the same. You have no right to sue a game because it is under the same “genre” as yours especially when you use their engine to make your game. If you seek the truth, follow the money. The strong audience PUBG once had is now playing Fortnite because too many, Fortnite is simply a more fun and action-packed game to play, thus causing money to come out of Bluehole’s pockets and into those of Epic Games. Bluehole recognized this, became salty, and decided to sue their competitor. Two days ago for unknown reasons, PUBG dropped the lawsuit. Perhaps they realized that they were being petty just because another game was better than theirs. This is the truth: If Fortnite was a total and complete flop, this lawsuit would have never happened, but only when money is being disturbed then people get mad. If you seek the truth, follow the money.


This is what makes so many people attracted to Fortnite: The endless availability and possibility of content that can be added. Fortnite does not have to stress realism because everything about it is fictional. Superheroes, building, Port-a-Forts, etc. (Yes I know things in Fortnite get taken out all the time, RIP boogie bomb) all of these things and more are made possible because Fortnite has the ability to make its own “rules”. Contrary to PUBG, when I think of new things that can be added my mind draws a near blank. More weapons, new maps… and I’m not sure what else. That is because by design PUBG relies on realism and therefore must fit in the constraints of what we know physically possible for this reason you will never see a bouncer in PUBG because it is not “real”.  PUBG is forced to only input what exists in the real world and I believe gamers find this boring. Everyone wants a new experience. Chances are that before PUBG came out, you had already played a third or first-person shooter, deep down that is what PUBG is and not that much more. There are strategy and tactics but how long can this be interesting? Fortnite is fast, chaotic, crazy, there is always something new and thanks to Epic there are always new items. Items that no one has ever used in another game before and therefore a new experience is brought to the table. Everyone wants a new experience.

PUBG is not a bad game and Bluehole is not a bad company but they continue to do things that are putting them six feet under. I want to see this game do well, I want to be able to play this game without the fear of a glitch or bug that could result in my death. I want PUBG to listen and at least act like they care for their player base because I can promise you that if they had been doing what was requested of them all along, they wouldn’t be in this position today. I want this game to become what it was meant to be and maybe even recover the status it once had, at this rate I just don’t see it happening. PUBG needs to look itself in the mirror and not at the competition, it needs to fix its own problems before adding in the next map because it is dying and I don’t know if it can come back.

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