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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Bet you didn't know Sekiro translates to "one armed wolf"... I'm pretty sure it does

Welcome back to The Players Panel, hope you’re having a good day as always. As mentioned like 1000 times before, I’m going to be doing in-depth articles about what I thought were the top games from E3. Spiderman PS4, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and I’m pretty sure a couple others will be included, I’ll be doing them all throughout this month and August as well. Today I wanted to talk about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice from Software, mainly because I’ve never heard of it before E3 but the gameplay trailer looked phenomenal so without further adieu let’s get into the action ladies and gents.sekiro 6.jpg

E3 was my first encounter with this game and ever since I’ve been intrigued, which I guess doesn’t say much because I found almost everything at E3 intriguing. HOWEVER in my eyes, if a game contains a stealth aspect to it, I’m a fan and best believe I will write about it. In an interview with IGN, one of the game’s producers by the name of Robert Conkey stated the game was “an action, adventure title with RPG elements”. I’ve read article after article and found the game features no character customization, no collectible armor or weapons, no multiplayer, and no stat leveling. I’m not sure what kind of “RPG elements” Mr. Conkey is implying but hey what do I know.sekiro 3.jpg

The game is set in the “warring states” period of Japan, however real history will supposedly have little to do with the game so this is a fictional world. In terms of the plot, we know the young boy from the trailer belongs to some faction of royal blood and is referred to as “the young lord”. You, the main character are the boys’ sworn protector and are referred to as “the shinobi”. Pretty much the bad guys cut your arm off, leave you for dead and take the young lord, so I’m gonna go out on a limb here (get it… because you’ll be missing one) and guess the game is about your journey to rescue this young boy before any harm can come to him. Anyway, you wake up in a temple with this cool looking contraption in place of your arm called a Mengistu which is a ninja prosthetic arm, next to a man who is sculpting small statues out of wood, for some reason he as well is missing an arm. Your ningishu can be equipped with a grappling hook, ax, firecracker-ish thing, as well as other useful gadgets for every occasion.

sekiro 2I find it interesting that you as the player are forced into this one play style. There are no classes, from the beginning to the end of the game you are a shinobi (ninja) and that’s that. I’m interested in how people will find creative ways to play stealthy and stay hidden because that will probably be a key point in the game. I’m kind of sad that I won’t be able to pick up some cool sword after killing a hard boss, but it was stressed that “customization” will come as the ningishu. In terms of combat, you will have a sword in your right hand and ningishu as your left so you will have the freedom to choose your attacks and combos based on your loadout which I appreciate because there’s really not much you can personalize in this game. However, don’t expect to be dashing around or behind your enemy and pulling off some sick combo, combat in the game has been described as “a clashing of swords”. Most likely meaning that you will have to actually put effort into blocking and countering attacks, similar to a game like For Honor where learning how to block and parry efficiently is imperative.sekiro 4.png

With the information we have right now on this game, I think it deserves a chance. Try not to be discouraged by the lack of personalization and how hard the game is because it will, in fact, be exceptionally hard. I’m sure we’ll receive more gameplay and information on the game within the coming months so I’ll definitely be covering that, and yeah that’s about it guys. In terms of articles for the summer, we still have a lot more to go and I’ll be posting often so stay tuned everybody and I’ll see you next time.


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